Weaning Young Racing Pigeons

Weaning Young Racing Pigeons

Just like humans there comes a time in a young racing pigeons life when they need to learn how to fend for themselves. In the racing pigeon world, this is called weaning.

Weaning a young racing pigeon is a very important time in their life to transition into their new loft away from their parents as well as being a very important time to begin the training process. This is the moment the young pigeons learn to drink and eat on their own as well as get accustomed to your call. This is also a great time for bonding between human and pigeon.

Having a strong weaning process will give your birds an excellent foundation for future training and conditioning and racing systems. Weaning is where it all starts for your winning flyers.

Young pigeons should be weaned between the age of 21 to 28 days old.

In the video below you will learn how Dr. John Lamberton weans his young racing pigeons and how he does so by using the help of his race team. Dr. John Lamberton is the Co-Racing and Breeding Loft Manager for Lamberton Racing Pigeons along with his sons.

John has a long list of wins and championships thoughout his long career in the sport. Watch the video below now to learn how to wean young racing pigeons the right way.

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