Attention Pigeon Fancier,

Win More Races, Increase Your Birds Performance and Skyrocket Your lofts Win Rate!"

And Build the Super Loft of Your Dreams! no matter what your experience level is.

How Would You Like To...

Steal Our Proven 6 Pillar Racing System that Countless “Struggling” Fanciers Have Used to Get Consistent Winning Results Season After Season? And...

If you said YES to any of the questions above then
make sure you read this entire page right now.

Because we are going to show you exactly how to transform your loft and pigeons into a winning champion level loft and race team no matter your experience level or pigeon racing know-how.

Just look at some of these results!...

However, the truth is...

95% of people who try to race pigeons will fail!

"Over 95% of the people who try to race pigeons will fail to even crack the bottom of the race sheets and end up quitting the sport all together by their 2nd season! And because of this the sport continues to decline and be dominated by the "secretive" 5%"

Let me ask you a question…ColumbaliviaFlying2

What do you want?

I know you race pigeons and hopefully love doing it, but…

What do you really want from the sport?

If you could have your own “perfect” season, what would it look like?

I’m sure you want to win more races, right?

Maybe be more consistent with your birds running in the top of the race sheets each and every race.

I bet you would love to stop wasting your money on birds that don’t perform and be able to breed a new batch of winning racing pigeons each year.

How about having your loft filled with only serious, consistent winning birds instead of a loft filled with losing mediocre birds that eat up your money?

Maybe you would like to become a MASTER of the sport.

Am I right?

I mean really… why else would you be spending your hard earned money if you didn’t want any of those things.

Every fancier wants to win, it’s the reason why we race pigeons otherwise we would just be pigeon keepers right?

What would your "perfect" season look like?…

Mine is being a champion fancier with a loft filled with proven, world-class winning racing pigeons.

and I'm sure you feel the same way.

Well, here’s the good thing…

It’s not a fairy tale…

In this letter I’m going to show you how you can easily have your very own “perfect season” each and every year.

Turning your loft and birds into champions is an easy process when you know exactly how the champions do it.

And I know this because that is exactly what I was able to do in my own loft and that is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in yours as well.

It's Your
Turn to Be

From the Loft of Bob Evans Jr

Dear Frustrated Fancier,pigeon-tumbler2

I’m writing to you today because I have something for you that has the potential to change your life.

In fact, I know it can…

Because it has changed my life and the life of those that I have personally mentored in this sport.

Hi, my name is Bob Evans Jr.

Winning fancier and lover of the sport.

Over the last 10 years I have accomplished everything that a fancier could ever want to in this sport.

I have won races, awards and accolades at every level in only a very short period of time and my birds have sold for top dollar and are some of the most sought after birds in the world.

I have developed a renowned world-class racing loft and legendary pigeons who have absolutely dominated every race they have entered.

And over the past 8 years I’ve probably been responsible with helping more fanciers succeed in this sport than anyone else on the planet.

But I don’t tell you this to brag, I tell you this because…

I want to help you get the same exact results in your own loft!!


Well for starters I love helping other fanciers find success in this sport.

But also because…

The fate of pigeon racing is in your hands!

Yes! You read that right…

Whether pigeon racing lives or dies in the future lies solely in your hands.

Pretty heavy stuff I know but Let me explain…

Here’s what usually tends to happen…

Someone enters the sport (which is already difficult to get in the first place) and tries their hand at racing pigeons.

They get no help from fanciers and have to go at it alone.

A ridiculously high number of fanciers will get terrible results and end up quitting the sport all together by their second race season.

And because of this way more people are leaving our sport than joining it thus killing it for the future.

That’s right!...

I want you to succeed and get great results so you can help save our sport.

And this has been my view on it since becoming a fancier myself and is why for the majority of my pigeon career after achieving my own success I have focused on helping others to get success of their own.

But this isn’t about me right now, THIS IS ABOUT YOU!

I remember like it was yesterday when I struggled to even get my birds to come in to eat let alone win a race.

I tried everything I could to better my results, even seeking the help of better veteran flyers, however… None of them were open to helping me or if they did they kept things extremely vague.

They guarded their secrets and systems in order to keep competition away (but in reality they were really helping to kill the sport by doing so). And in some cases I have even heard of veteran flyers giving new comers wrong information in order to increase the race pots but keep competition low.

Here’s a few examples from other struggling fanciers that I found on a popular pigeon racing site…

...And these were only just a few of countless others that I found posted online.

And just like above and the majority of the fanciers in this sport I continued to struggle to the point that I thought about quitting.

Perhaps you can relate?

The truth is... There is no one “magic secret” or “special trick” to winning with pigeons!

However… There is a specific formula that will allow you to better your results in this sport almost immediately.

And once you have this formula you will know exactly how the champions run their own lofts!

This formula took me from being a losing, frustrated and ready to quit fancier to becoming one of the best in the sport with countless wins and “in the money” finishes.

And it’s also the same formula that I used to mentor countless other fanciers over the years to achieve success of their own and go on to become some of the most successful fanciers in the world.

All together this simple formula is responsible for countless success stories, wins, awards and world-class winning racing pigeons and champion fanciers!

But again, I don’t tell you this to brag, I tell you this because I want you to be the next success story!

Fanciers often ask me…

What would you do if you had to start over from scratch?

What would you do if you didn’t have your experience, success or world-class racing pigeons and were just entering the sport as a newbie?

And this has been the mind frame that I go into every time I mentor someone, whether they are brand new to the sport or a seasoned veteran looking to get better more consistent results for themselves.

And the answer is this…

I would find and follow a duplicable and winning system that has been proven to work over and over again and not waste countless hours, months or years and my hard earned money trying to figure it out on my own with trial and error.

But again… this isn’t about me it’s about YOU!

I want to help you become the next national or even world champion in our sport or at the very least become the dominate fancier in your club or combine.

And in return after you become successful I want you to pay it forward by mentoring other fanciers to get success in this sport as well.

And by doing so we can build a solid foundation for the future of pigeon racing.

Sound good?

So if your finally ready to get winning results in this sport and make your next racing season a champion season then I want to invite you and only a very small and select group of serious fanciers into the…

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is our winning pigeon racing program that is designed around our 6 Pillar pigeon racing system which will allow you to go from “newbie”, “mediocre” or “struggling” fancier to Champion Winning Fancier in the least amount of time possible.

You can consider it like...GB13-28502_pigeon2

College for pigeon racing,

Or even…

The mentor’s mentorship program.

Because you are going to learn every proven and winning pigeon racing technique and strategy that will allow you to compete and be respected at every level of this sport!

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is designed around the same system that I used to transform my results in just one short season.

The same system that I used to go from living on the bottom of the race sheets and being made fun of at my club to becoming a dominate and winning fancier in the sport.

The same system that I used to build a world-class racing loft and top level sought after racing pigeons.

The same system that my father took a lifetime of trial and error to develop and took me over 10 years of stress and frustration to fine tune.

And the same system that I used to mentor countless struggling fanciers and turn them into leaders in the sport as well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the sport or an experienced veteran, The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is designed to better anyone’s results no matter their experience level.

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program was created for you!

And was developed over years of painstakingly dissecting successful champion fanciers winning systems and putting it together in one easy to follow program.

Up until now winning in pigeon racing was confusing and difficult but the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program eliminates the confusion for anyone at any experience level.

After years of working with champion fanciers and breaking down their systems I realized that they all had one thing in common.

Success in this sport comes down to mastering 6 very important pillars.

The 6 Pillars of Champion Pigeon Racing,

But here’s the thing...flying-pigeon

In order to be a consistent winning fancier and a future world-class level champion you MUST master all 6!

That’s why most people fail.

Here’s an example…

Imagine a sports car with bald tires. Even though it has all the high performance parts it needs to go 200 mph it will still just stay in one spot spinning its wheels. That’s exactly what happens to a good pigeon with poor health or a good pigeon with poor nutrition and training.

And this is exactly how we designed the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program.

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is designed to make you a master in each of the 6 pillars and turn you into a master pigeon fancier.

So without further ado, Lets dive in and show you exactly what’s covered inside the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program…

Here's whats covered inside the Pigeon Racing Master's Program...

Module 1

The Loft and Loft Management

Want to get your birds flying at peak levels? Then the loft is where you must start. The loft is the foundation of pigeon racing and is one of the most important parts to any winning fancier’s success. The loft is a major factor when building strong motivation in your birds, get this part wrong and you could be jeopardizing your results from the start.

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program will show you exactly how to build a winning champion level loft and will show you proven loft and team management techniques and strategies designed to cut costs while optimizing your loft for success. The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program will show you how to build and run a world-class level loft from start to finish with no stone left unturned.

By the end of this module you will be able to build and manage a loft that can compete with ANY fancier in the sport at any level no matter how good they are. This module is complete with a set of loft management templates that will allow you to run your loft like a certified champion fancier. You can consider this module as your Master’s Degree in Loft Design and Management.

Module 2

Stock and Selection

Your loft is only as good as the birds that are in it! This module will Show You exactly how to Find Birds That Breed Winners, Where to Find Champion Birds to Fill Your Loft With and How to Choose Champion Birds through winning characteristics all while staying well within your budget.

Being able to pick out winning racing pigeons is a “super power” that will keep you far ahead of any of your competition. When you fill your loft with proven champions your chances of success quadruple. In this module we are going to show you where to find proven champions to fill your loft with all while staying within your budget.

In this module you will also learn exactly how to find race winning birds by looking for “winning” physical characteristics. Having the ability to be able to pick good stock is one of the secrets of the champions but fortunately for you this module will teach you how to pick winners like a champion. Consider this module your Master’s degree in stock and selection.

Module 3

Feeding and Nutrition

It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest most expensive pigeons in the world, if your pigeons don’t have the proper nutrition and fuel to help them withstand the rigors of racing then they will NEVER fly at their peak physical performance. Feeding and nutrition is one of the most overlooked skills in the sport and it’s the reason why some fanciers can dominate with mediocre pigeons over pigeons who are said to be "champions".

Imagine spending a ton of money on champion pigeons and a ton of time training them, only to watch them fizzle out in the middle of the race or even worse not even clock at all simply because they weren't properly fueled and didn’t have the stamina or energy to finish the race. Just like any other athlete in the world both animal and human they need to have proper nutrition in order to perform at their peak physical performance and racing pigeons are no different.

In this module you are going to learn exactly how to fuel your birds to race at their peak levels and by the end of this module you will know how to properly feed your race team at every stage of their life and racing cycle. Consider this module your Master’s degree in feeding and nutrition.

Module 4

Training and Conditioning

Want to get your birds excited, focused and motivated for race day? Than you must master training and conditioning. Champions are created in the preparation long before a race is actually won. Just like in any major sport strength training and conditioning are an absolute game changer. Here we are going to show you exactly how to become a master strength and conditioning coach to develop a team of winning racing pigeons.

There is nothing that goes hand in hand with proper nutrition more than proper training and conditioning, you absolutely need both in order to consistently win races and championships. A properly trained pigeon is a strong pigeon and a strong pigeon is a fast one. A winning racing pigeon needs to be properly conditioned to build up the muscles and stamina needed to withstand the rigors of racing.

In this module we are going to show you how to train and condition your birds to fly at their peak physical levels and beyond. You’re also going to learn racing systems that will get your birds motivated to fly home at lightning speed. Everything from widowhood, jealousy, natural system, old birds and young birds training and racing systems are covered in this module. Consider this module your master’s degree in training and conditioning.

Module 5

Breeding, Mating and Pairing

The only way to attain real longevity in this sport is to breed your own champions. The goal for every champion fancier is to breed their own strain of champion winning stock rather than continually having to purchase and cull stock year after year.

By mastering breeding, you'll have the ability to control quality, quantity, and most importantly performance in your loft. Whether you want to establish a solid reputation as a top breeder or you are looking to duplicate success year after year, you need to know all the facts.

In this module we are going to teach you everything you need to know to build and develop your own strain of world-class level racing pigeons year after year. This powerful module is designed to help you cultivate pigeons based on performance and good genes. Everything you need to know about breeding and developing a winning line of racing pigeons is covered. You can consider this module your master’s degree in breeding, mating and pairing.

Module 6

Health Management and Disease Control

Health is THE most important ingredient to becoming a successful and winning pigeon fancier HANDS DOWN! An unhealthy bird will NEVER be successful and the same goes for fanciers who don't keep health a top priority in their loft. So if you want to win more races then you NEED to focus on health!

Health is the MOST important thing that any fancier needs to know and understand in order to be and stay competitive in this sport. It doesn't matter how "great" a pigeon is, how expensive and big your loft is or how perfect you’re feeding, training and breeding programs are... An unhealthy pigeon will NEVER be a competitive pigeon. So health should always be the #1 main priority and focus of any fancier no matter if their brand new to the sport or a seasoned vet.

Health is more important than any other subject because it is the foundation that everything else is built upon, poor health will ALWAYS equal poor results plain and simple. The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program will teach you everything you need to know to keep your team healthy, happy, strong and competitive.

Pigeon Racing Master's Program Core Modules

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is literally the only education you will ever need to compete at the highest level in this sport, plain and simple!

But don't just take my word for it,

Here's what others are saying about the Pigeon Racing Master's Program...

Chris Ferrante

I started the Pigeon Insider in 2009 simply because there was a lack of available information out there to help fanciers succeed in this sport. Since running the Pigeon Insider over the last 6 years and going through thousands of questions, comments and concerns over that time about the sport from our members it is easy to see that “information” is still the #1 thing that fanciers are looking for and NEED. I have had the privilege of going through the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program and can honestly say that it is by far the best educational resource for pigeon fanciers looking to better their results out there. If you are serious about racing pigeons and looking to better your results than this is exactly what you need. I highly recommend it to anyone in the sport and believe in it so much that I now tell all of our members that they should join the Master’s program even before buying their first bird. So if you’re serious about doing well in this sport and still on the fence then I highly recommend you take the leap and join the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program today, you will be happy you did!

Chris Ferrante Founder of
Dominick Guardino

I have been involved with pigeons since I was a kid and have seen and experienced firsthand the struggles that fanciers go through in this sport. I have also witnessed un-savory fanciers doing “whatever possible” to win in this sport so take it from me when I say that in order to do well and be competitive in this sport you absolutely need the right education to do so. Other than actually following around a winning champion fancier and watching their every move the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is the next best thing. I would consider this your “secret weapon” and recommend it highly to anyone that wants to take their results to the next level. Forget about buying champion birds, joining the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program should be every fancier’s first priority.

Dominick Guardino CoopDeville Loft
Russ Walker

I took two first places and several top ten positions and won the club average speed and it was all because of what I learned inside the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program.

After being out of the sport for over 20 years, I restarted Racing by buying the Pigeon Racing Master’s program. The loft construction plan in this program alone is worth the entire investment. The fly pen/ landing board was excellent for setting youngsters. The Loft stayed dry all year which gave me some amazing race results. I ended the young bird season with two wins and the club average speed for the season. I am starting to build the exact Loft again to house the new old bird team and have no reason but to expect Similar results to follow.

I highly recommend the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program and I suggest spending the money and buying it. If you follow the system as close as you can, you will get winning results like I have. As a fellow flyer who has started back up after a 20 year hiatus, my opinion is the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program works and is worth every penny.

Russ Walker HNR Racing

Here’s the bottom line…

After 10+ years in the sport and mentoring more fanciers to success than any other fancier in the world I believe that the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is the best way to becoming successful in the sport of pigeon racing (from scratch)

And for the first time ever I’m giving a small and very selective group of serious fanciers a chance to get their hands on the same winning pigeon racing techniques and strategies that are responsible for numerous wins, awards and success stories.

But why?...

Well the reason why is quite simple, I want you to get success so you can go on and mentor others to get success of their own.

Resulting in a much stronger foundation for the future of our sport and quite honestly a much more level playing field!

There is no need to go around begging the “winners” a.k.a "the 5%" in your club to show you the ropes only to have them brush you away or even worse, feed you the wrong advice in an effort to sabotage you.

Now you can do it yourself and dominate your club, combine or any other event that you participate in.

But, I want to make this the most powerful educational resource for pigeon fancier’s period!

And just giving you the proven and winning information that we talked about above is just not enough.

So because I want to make this the most powerful “everything you need” educational resource to becoming a winning fancier on the planet I want to give those who get accepted today a few very special bonuses.

Bonus #1

"Year in the Loft" Calendar Set

One of the most common questions I get asked from those that I mentor is...

"When should I do this?" or "When should I start that?"

And its from these questions that the "Year in the Loft" Calendar Series was born.

In this exclusive bonus only available inside the Pigeon Racing Master's Program Member's area, we are giving you three different "Year in the Loft" calendars which you can use to help guide you through the year.

The first calendar is based on youngbirds which will guide you throughout the year on what you should be doing and when with your team. This calendar includes the lifecycle of your youngbirds, when to wean them, when to start training them, feeding schedules and more.

The second and third calendars cover Old birds, one calendar for the Natural system and the other focused on Widowhood. These calendars will guide you through the year using the respective racing systems and show you when you should begin doing certain things throughout the year.

This bonus alone is powerful and will help you gain clarity as you go through the year with your race team. Never again will you have to wonder when you should be doing things in your loft.


3 "Year in the Loft" Calendars Included...

  • Young Bird Calendar
  • Old Bird (Natural System) Calendar
  • Old Bird (Widowhood System) Calendar

Bonus #2

"Loft Construction Blueprints"


Full Step-By-Step Loft Blueprints Including Material Checklist

The loft is one of the most important elements to a successful racing team.

Its where all the planning, strategizing, training and conditioning is done and is one of the main motivational factors that pigeons use to fly home at lightening speed.

In this bonus we are giving you the full step-by-step blueprints including materials checklist to the most versatile, space saving and inexpensive lofts ever designed.

It's literally the ONLY loft design you will ever need because it can be used for any application whether you are looking to build a small loft to fit in an urban environment or you are looking to build a massive loft for a one loft race and anything in-between.

Whatever you can imagine this loft design can be easily adapted to create.

Bonus #3

"Loft Management Templates"

There's is one thing that all "Super Champions" have in common and can all agree on...

You MUST keep great records if you want to succeed in this sport, plain and simple.

Record keeping allows you to consistently better your birds and race teams performance and gives you the edge during races.

And it's the #1 reason or "secret" to why the champion's remain so successful.

So if you're not currently keeping records of everything you and your bird's are doing then you are seriously hurting your chances of success.

But don't worry because it's not difficult and today in this special bonus I'm going to give you access to ALL the record keeping templates you will ever need.

Keeping Good Records Will Be The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do In This Sport!!

Record keeping allows you to build "super race teams" of only your most hard working and fastest bird's.

While other fancier's simply guess and waste money by sending their worst bird's into the race, you will be able to do exactly what the champion's do and consistently send only your very best bird's into the race and maximize your chances of winning with these record keeping loft management templates.


9 Templates Included...

  • Pedigree Template
  • Breeding Template
  • Nest Card Template
  • Race Record Template
  • Training Session Template
  • Wall Chart Template
  • Young & Old Bird Template
  • Race Team Roster Template
  • Stock Evaluation Template

Bonus #4

"Feed Chart and Recipe Mix Guide"


What's inside...

  • Ingredient Chart and Seed Nutritional Analysis (Protein, Carb, Fat, Moisture)
  • Breeding Mix Recipe
  • Young Bird Mix Recipe
  • Molting Mix Recipe
  • Sprint & Distance Mix Recipes
  • Standard Mix Recipe

Feeding and nutrition is the #1 topic that fanciers want to know more about and it’s for good reason because proper nutrition can boost your pigeons’ performance by over 50%

You are going to learn everything you need to know about feeding and nutrition for competitive racing inside the Pigeon Racing Master's Program. But because of the importance and impact that proper feeding and nutrition has on your birds we wanted to take it a step further.

So to compliment the feeding and nutrition module we are giving you our special feed guide bonus. This guide includes information on the common feed ingredients complete with pictures of each as well as an ingredients chart which shows the moisture, protein, fat and carb percentage of each ingredient. The feed guide bonus also includes 6 feed mix recipes as well.

These mixes include recipes for Standard Mix, Young Bird Mix, Moulting Mix, Sprint and Distance Mixes and a Breeding mix recipe, this way you can be sure that your birds are getting the proper protein, carb, fat and nutrition ratios that they need to fly at their peak physical levels at any stage of their life cycle.

This bonus teamed up with our in-depth feeding and nutrition module will give you the edge you need to compete at the highest levels in this sport! 

Bonus #5

"Disease, Symptom and Treatment Database"

You already know how important health is to a successful winning season, in fact we dedicated an entire module to health inside the Pigeon Racing Master's Program because it's so important.

If you want to race pigeons successfully and be a winning pigeon racing coach than you absolutely need to know about diseases, symptoms and treatments.

So we put together a very special bonus for you that is simply worth its weight in gold...

We call it the "Disease, Treatment and Symptom Database"

Basically we put together an entire database filled with 28 diseases and multiple treatments for each as well as 11 parasites and over 91 symptoms. But the best part is we put them all together with a super easy to use "Table of contents" so you can simply find the symptom your bird is showing and it will take you directly to the diseases or parasites that may be causing it and the treatments to help make them better.

This is a resource that you will be using for the rest of your pigeon career and will make keeping your loft and race team healthy an absolute breeze.

Honestly this resource is an absolute must for any fancier! and your getting it absolutely free with the Pigeon Racing Master's Program.


What's inside...

  • Over 28 Diseases with Detailed Descriptions and Multiple Treatments for each.
  • Over 91 Symptoms cross-referenced with diseases for easy diagnosis.
  • 11 Parasites
  • 11 Vitamins
  • Easy Reference and Clickable Table of Contents for fast navigation and ease of use.

But that's not all!

There's one last bonus that I want to give you today that will honestly REVOLUTIONIZE the sport of pigeon racing and its future and help YOU out immensely at the same time!

And it's something that has never been offered or made available in the pigeon racing community before.

We're calling it the...

Bonus #6

"Mentor Mastery Module"

mentor2valueThere is absolutely no secret that pigeon racing is dying!

And one of the major reasons why is because the success rate of a new flyer is lower than 5%!

That means that 95% of the people who try to race pigeons will end up quitting the sport all together by their second season.

And the reason for this is due to a lack of support!

I have seen and heard of countless stories of fanciers being unwilling to help others or even sabotaging other fanciers with the sole purpose of selfish gain and not wanting to create more competition for themselves.

However these same fanciers are the fanciers contributing to the death of the sport that they love abusing so much.

Our sport simply cannot withstand these kinds of acts!

New and struggling fanciers NEED to be mentored and mentored for success!

And because of this we have put together a very special and revolutionary bonus that will both change the future of our sport and help you immensely at the same time.

Its a bonus that we are calling "Mentor Mastery"

Now in this special members only bonus we are going to show you exactly how you can benefit from mentoring others while at the same time helping the growth and future of our sport.

But here's the best part...

We are actually going to show you how you can make money for every person you mentor and how you can do it without putting in all the work it takes to actually mentor someone!

It's 2015 and we know its difficult for fanciers to take time out of their busy lives to properly mentor others so in this module we are going to show you how we are going to do 90% of the work for you! all while you still get all the benefits.

Its as easy as that!

You benefit from helping others, those you help benefit by getting results and the sport and all those who participate in it benefit from the growth that mentoring creates! Everyone wins!

This module alone is really priceless because you will actually have the ability to make money by helping others and grow the sport at the same time! The more fanciers you help the more you benefit and we do all the mentoring "work" for you.

This bonus is exclusive to Pigeon Racing Master's Program Members ONLY! All the details are inside waiting for you to get started.



Ongoing Content and Support!

On top of the foundation modules and the 6 Bonuses we just covered you are also getting lifetime ongoing content and support. The Pigeon Racing Master's Program will continue to add content into the future whether it be new modules or brand new bonuses you will get everything absolutely free as they get released. So now you can be confident that you will always be current with "What's working now" in the pigeon racing world.

The Bonuses

It simply does not get any better than this!

We have given you everything you need to become successful and excel in this sport.

So are you ready to change your life, win more races and become a leader in this sport?

Well like I said before The Pigeon Racing Master’s Class will only be open to a very small, select group of serious fanciers only.

The reason why is because I want you to get in, take action and then go out and get great results for yourself, results so good in fact that other struggling fanciers will actually seek you out to learn from you. Then I want you to change the future of our sport and mentor others to become competitive as well.

So, if that sounds like something you can handle than you are exactly the kind of serious fancier this program was created for.

Ready to get started?

  • YES! I’m Ready and Want to Claim My Spot in the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program Right Now Before it Closes!

You can claim your spot and get lifetime access to the Pigeon Racing Masters Program today for only a small one time investment of $97.

There is no better time than right now to get your master’s degree in pigeon racing and join the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program.

yes let me in

Here’s the deal, I know some people will say that $97 is too expensive and if that’s the case then this program is NOT for you.

We put that one-time investment there as a barrier to be sure that only serious and hardworking fanciers get in.

We want those who get into the program to actually get results and go on to become proven leaders in this sport and make their next racing season and beyond winning ones.

And the only way to assure that happens is to limit this program to only those who are serious about their results and this sport plain and simple and will view the $97 as an investment in their future success rather than a cost.

But that’s also a good thing for you because it limits the amount of fanciers who can get their hands on this proven program and race winning techniques and strategies.

But there’s also another reason.

You can go out and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars next season buying up so called good stock, building elaborate lofts and entering your birds into high fee races…

In fact, just take a look at some of the prices of birds I found online…

Insane right!?

But here’s the worst part…

Without the right knowledge you will simply be throwing that money away.

And I know this from experience because it happened to me.

My very first year in the sport I spent roughly $5k on birds and guess how many races I won?


I literally flushed $5k down the toilet.

But my second year in the sport after learning the same techniques and strategies that are inside the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program I was able to cut my sport costs and expenses way back because I learned to manage a loft properly and cost efficiently just like this program will teach you how to do.

But the best part is…

Because I invested in my knowledge and education each year since I have won and placed in multiple “in the money” places that have actually made every year profitable for me.

In fact the very first race of my second year my birds placed 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th and 14th in the same race resulting in over $1,000 in winnings just that race alone (and that was just the beginning of a long and very profitable career in this sport)

And it was all because I educated myself on how to build and run a winning racing team.

So my point is this, you can either spend upwards of $5k or more next season or hundreds of dollars on “so-called” champion pigeons and get nothing in return for it.


You can invest a onetime investment of $97 right now in your pigeon racing education and learn how to build and manage a real winning racing loft that will pay you back dividends each and every year!

The choice is yours.

It’s funny to me how many fanciers will quickly run out and buy a bird for $300 or more but will not invest in their knowledge of how to actually turn that bird into a true winner.

Don’t be one of those flash in the pan fanciers, the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program will show you exactly how to build a real winning racing loft and develop true world-class racing pigeons.

Take advantage of this program and save years of frustration and trial and error.

It’s your turn to be the champion and leader in your club and combine!

But I want to make this an even easier decision for you…

I want to make you a Risk Free “Cannot-lose” Guarantee…

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

It's Simple...

I’m so confident that you will love the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program and its contents that I’m prepared to make you a no-lose risk free guarantee. If you don’t feel the program is right for you for any reason than simply let us know within 60 days and we will happily send every penny of your $97 investment back to you.

No questions asked!

Now you have ZERO reasons not to join the Pigeon Racing Master's Program today!

We have taken all the risk, If you don't like it you get your money back its as easy as that.

This program was created and designed to help you get better results in this sport plain and simple so you can feel 100% happy and confident in your investment.

Here’s the deal…

I can promise you that I have done everything I can to help you succeed and help you avoid years of frustration and failure many others face in this sport. And I can promise that I have made the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program the only thing you will ever need to learn how to build a true winning championship level loft and pigeons.

That said, this program will only be open to a small group of serious fanciers only.

Those who are NOT willing to settle for mediocre and loosing results.

Those who have the grit and determination to change their results and build a winning loft for themselves.

Those who are ready to go out there and take action and take this sport by storm.

Those who are willing to help others achieve success as well.

Those who are driven to make a name for themselves as a world-class champion fancier and leader in the sport.

So if you’re one of those fanciers I would love to serve you and help you achieve everything you have ever wanted in this sport.

Here's what to do now...

Click the button below to claim your spot in the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program right now and get started today making every season a “perfect season”!

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No Risk 100% "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee

Here's What You Get Inside

The Pigeon Racing Master's Program...

Core Modules...

  • Module 1: The Loft
  • Module 2: Stock & Selection
  • Module 3: Feeding & Nutrition
  • Module 4: Training and Conditioning
  • Module 5: Breeding and Pairing
  • Module 6: Health Management


  • Bonus 1: Year in the Loft Calendar Set
  • Bonus 2: Loft Construction Blueprints
  • Bonus 3: Loft Management Templates
  • Bonus 4: Feed Chart and Recipe Mix Guide
  • Bonus 5: Diseases, Symptom and Treatment Database
  • Bonus 6: Mentor Mastery Module
  • Bonus 7: Ongoing Content and Support Including additional Modules, Bonuses and More
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Whatever choice you make I thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I truly hope and look forward to helping you achieve greatness in this sport!

To your future success in the sport,
-Bob Evans Jr

P.S. Being that you’re down here still reading this I’m assuming that you are interested in the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program but maybe still undecided.

Here’s the truth…

If you asked me what I'd rather have:

A beautiful loft filled with great racing pigeons,


A champion level knowledge of the sport,

I would choose knowledge hands down every time!

I wouldn’t trade the biggest most expensive loft and champion birds if it meant forever losing the knowledge that I’m going to show you inside the Pigeon Racing Master’s Program.

Without knowledge I would still be fumbling around and frustrated every single day trying to figure it all out.

You could strip me of everything I have and all my prized birds and I would confidently be able to rebuild a winning portfolio of pigeons and wins within a very short time solely because of the knowledge I have.

And that’s exactly where I want YOU to be as well!

I can make you one solid guarantee… If you do nothing, nothing will change!

A year from now you will have wish you started today or you can be kicking yourself for not doing so. The ball is in your court, the decision is yours.

Trust your gut with this and you will make the right decision.

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