Pigeon Racing Master’s Webinar Series… What do you think?

Hey! Chris here,

Over the last couple of weeks I have been polling all of our members to find out exactly what you would love to see from me that you feel would help you get the most out of your loft, birds and the sport.

I asked what were some of the problems your were experiencing and to let me know how I can solve them for you in this new year because my goal for this year is to have the most success stories the sport has ever seen!

You can see the results of that poll and continue to submit your comments to it by clicking here.

So far that post has received over 60 comments, which is great and I thank you in advance for your participation.

I have read every single comment that came through and they are all absolutely amazing, those comments really helped me focus my attention and what you really NEED and want in order to get better results from this sport.

While reading through the comments I noticed one thing that they all had in common in tone.

It seems to me that many fanciers and members almost feel alone.

And what I mean by that is that with memberships decreasing all accross the world (sorry to say but that’s no secret) fanciers are getting further and further apart and if they get stuck they don’t really have an outlet to get their questions answered.

Do you know what I mean?

The nearest loft and fancier to you may be miles away.

So while reading the comments aside from you letting me know what topics you want me to cover that you feel will help you, I got the vibe that you needed more as well.

Like an interactive place where we all can get together and you can actually get your questions answered in real time.

So here’s the deal!

I want fanciers to come here and get results!

From your comments I have decided to put something together that I am going to call…

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Series

And what we are going to do is run some LIVE webinars where you can come on live and for each webinar I am going to have a guest speaker and EXPERT in the pigeon racing sport to teach you the topics that they specialize in.

Then… after the lesson, we will open it up to a Q&A session where you will be able to ask your questions live and get them answered from our panel of experts!!

If you can’t make the webinars live we will also have it to where you can submit your questions ahead of time and every webinar will also be recorded so you can watch it later.

I think this is the first of it’s kind in the pigeon racing world and in my opinion is the solution to everyone’s problems.

So each webinar will have an expert and we will cover certain topics or even sub-topics and then Q&A on that subject so you can get your questions answered if you have any.

So my question for you is… What do you think about this idea?

Does it make you super excited?

Will you attend?

Do you have any thoughts about what you would like to see or hear during these Master’s Sessions?

Let me know in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend in the sport,



  • mohammad

    Reply Reply February 15, 2018

    Chris, I have also read all the 60 replies and most of them interest me as I am still a beginner in the fancy. I am interested most in good breeding (as most of the quarries of other members where.
    Thanks for all that you are doing for the fancy.

    • mohammad

      Reply Reply February 15, 2018

      I like to know more about nutrition. Thank you

  • Zaidi Bhai

    Reply Reply February 4, 2018

    When ever I make shipments to other city pigeons become sick please advise what medicine and vitamins should I give them before traveling.
    Best Regards

  • Leigh

    Reply Reply January 29, 2018

    Sounds good I would like to participate in the webinar. As I am new to the hobby, subjects loft planning would be helpful.

    For example; I seems to me that you need 5 loft sections, one for breeders, that do not fly out, but divided into 2 sections to separate male/female part of the year; one for the young birds, they do fly, one for the old birds, they fly, that has 2 sections to separate male/female part of the year. When you separate the male/female the loft has to be built in such a way they cannot see their old mates, which adds construction problems. These 5 sections make loft building a major undertaking if you really plan to participate in young and old bird racing seasons. No wonder not too many people can get interested in the hobby, it takes major facilities and expense. I would like to hear if there are ways to simplify this setup so the lofts are not such an undertaking.

  • Joe

    Reply Reply January 29, 2018

    Chris, I have also read all the 60 replies and most of them interest me as I am still a beginner in the fancy. I am interested most in good breeding (as most of the quarries of other members where.
    Thanks for all that you are doing for the fancy.

  • Rehman

    Reply Reply January 29, 2018

    Thanks for encouraging in sports of pigeon i read your mail we accept soon your purposel.

  • Deibert Souza

    Reply Reply January 29, 2018

    I think it will be a good idea provided the guest speakers are genuine and really want to help others. Too often I feel that speakers have a agenda of their own, selling birds, products etc.

  • Michael Van Dreel

    Reply Reply January 28, 2018

    If I have to pick one thing I guess it would be vaccinating, is it really necessary, and if so what should I be vaccinating for, the only thing that I do now is mix up some amoxacillan and give it in their water. When done with that give probiotics to get their gut back in order. My old bird team isn’t very big maybe 20 birds and my young bird team is usually 20 – 30 birds.

  • jose

    Reply Reply January 28, 2018


  • Walky fils-aime

    Reply Reply January 28, 2018

    It is a loft near me Chris maybe couple miles like you said.i have experienced a pigeon before came to my loft with serial## in the leg.!! Kept him for 1montn decided to let him out along with the others couple times and one day was gone not come back.๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ!!

  • Alin Salagean

    Reply Reply January 28, 2018

    That’s very good idea…!!!

  • Walky fils-aime

    Reply Reply January 28, 2018

    I would love to see myself take my birds from my home 3931 8th Ave South to any where in Tampa FLORIDA not far just cross the bridge and come back to me saint Petersburg Florida this is my dreams.!!!๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

  • arturo

    Reply Reply January 28, 2018

    All the topics that the world of pigeon fancy covers me, every day you learn something new. I would like that in these mometos you will help me with this, GEM FLIGHT FUEL or Vydex Jet Stream, my question is what dose should I give per liter of water or kg of water? jet stream food because I think it is much recommended by the manufacturer, 20 grams per liter, here the feed is not of much quality in terms of variety of grains and the maximum distance our pigeons compete is 430 miles, we basketed Saturday for drop Sunday, which day I must give example Thursday and Friday, which of the 2 products is better suited to our conditions to your understanding, greetings

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