The Death of Pigeon Racing 5

The DEATH of Pigeon Racing!

Did you know that there is a scary statistic in the sport of pigeon racing that says that over 95% of the fanciers who enter the sport will quit within their first two years?

So that means the sport is retaining roughly only 5% and under of the fanciers who give it a go.

But the worst part is as I’m sure you already know, membership numbers across the globe are declining at an equally alarming rate. That means that people are both quitting the sport and no new members are coming in.

This is a perfect storm scenario for the extinction of the sport as we know it!

Honestly the sport of pigeon racing could be completely extinct within the next 10 years or less.

The clock is ticking…

So what could be the cause of this massive decline of pigeon fanciers?

Well, there are a few reasons this could be happening. For starters the sport has become more expensive. Everything from feed, bird prices, race entry fees and the copious number of other things needed to compete in this sport has gone up in price.

Second, young people are just not interested so we aren’t bringing any “new blood” into the sport. It’s the digital age now, young people rather wear virtual reality goggles rather than actually walking out into real reality, am I right?

Third, fanciers are just not getting the results that they need to generate excitement and passion in the sport. Fanciers are getting bad results and quitting the sport because of it.

Just look at some of these examples from real fanciers…

“I have been researching the sport via the internet for several weeks. I have posted questions and comments on several Facebook pages about pigeon racing and sent emails asking questions, but no one responded… If this is the normal way that potential newcomers are greeted in the pigeon racing sport, it’s really not surprising that the sport is not growing.”

That was written by a new fancier named Brian, the sad part is this is very common in the sport today.

And it doesn’t end there…

“The old days of helping out a young fancier are gone. Just started myself but my father and grandfather raced pigeons. It was always the norm to breed a young bird for a novice but now there is too much secrets instead of giving advice, it’s a shame”

That was written by a fancier named Johnny

And lastly from William…

“I used to race pigeons back in the 80’s and 90’s and the flyers back then would help a new guy with just about anything. But now, if you don’t have a boat load of money to spend on the biggest and best loft and pay top dollar for other fanciers unwanted birds then they don’t have time for you”

These are real comments from real fanciers and that’s just a very small example of what the sport has become.

Perhaps you can relate?

Reading comments like these got me thinking, how can we do our part to help fanciers get the success in the sport that they need to re-spark the passion and excitement that they once had to get them loving the sport again.

And that’s when it hit us…

The truth is… There is no “magic secret” or “special trick” to winning with pigeons!

However, there is a specific “winning” program that will allow you to better your results in this sport almost immediately.

And we knew that if we could get this winning step-by-step pigeon racing program into the hands of fanciers than we could begin to change the fate of the sport in the future.

So, we decided to put our theory to the test and put together a very small “beta” group of fanciers to put this winning pigeon racing program to the test.

And the results were astounding!

Here are just a few of the results that our beta members received…

1st 170 miles (452 birds)
1st 400 miles (855 birds)
1st 320 miles (776 birds)
2nd 305 miles (1495 birds)
2nd 214 miles (693 birds)
1st, 3rd & 9th 120 miles (181 birds)
1st & 2nd (235 birds)
2nd & 5th (166 birds)

These fanciers went from struggling and ready to quit to dominating their clubs and combines!

Here’s what two of our beta members had to say…

“I took two first places and several top ten positions and won the club average speed and it was all because of what I learned inside this beta group.

After being out of the sport for over 20 years, I restarted Racing by joining this group… I ended the young bird season with two wins and the club average speed for the season. I am starting to build my old bird team and have no reason but to expect Similar results to follow.

If you follow the system as close as you can, you will get winning results like I have. As a fellow flyer who has started back up after a 20-year hiatus, this program works plain and simple and I am living proof of it”

-Russ Walker (HNR Racing)

“I have been involved with pigeons since I was a kid and have seen and experienced firsthand the struggles that fanciers go through in this sport. I have also witnessed un-savory fanciers doing “whatever possible” to win so take it from me when I say that in order to do well and be competitive in this sport you absolutely need the right education to do so.

Other than following around a winning champion fancier and watching their every move this beta group was the next best thing. I would consider this my “secret weapon” and recommend it highly to anyone that wants to take their results to the next level, the information I learned inside has been a game changer to my results…”

-Dominick Guardino (CoopDeville Loft)

These fanciers also paid a large fee to be a part of that beta group because we only wanted serious fanciers who were serious about getting results. And since then those fanciers have never looked back and their results have only gotten better and better.

The doors closed on that beta group a few years ago because we simply wanted to prove the power of that winning pigeon racing program.

Well after long consideration we have decided to open the doors again to another small group of serious fanciers who want to take their results and lofts to the next level.

We are calling this Beta 2.0…

We want to help you become the next champion in our sport or at the very least become the dominate fancier in your club or combine.

So, if your ready to get winning results in this sport and make your next racing season a champion season then I want to personally invite you into this new beta group.

We are only looking for about 10 fanciers to run this beta group and help get you winning races as soon as possible. So, if you’re interested in joining this beta group then please click the link below to get started. Again only 10 fanciers will be selected for Beta 2.0 so make sure you click the link below now before we close the doors.

=> Click here to join the Beta 2.0 group and learn how to Increase Your Lofts Win Rate and get your birds flying faster than ever before!

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Your friend, mentor and coach in the sport,