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Pigeon Racing Formula

The Pigeon Racing Formula will help you mimic the Ace fanciers and champion lofts and get the same winning results that they do year after year.

The Pigeon Racing Formula is based on our loft-tested race-winning pigeon racing formula. This breakthrough formula will walk you through six modules for dominating the race results and following in the champion pigeon fanciers footsteps.

Normal Selling Price: $47

Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets

Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed provides everything you need to elevate performance and turn your pigeons into unbeatable competitors using tried and true feeding and nutrition techniques and strategies.

Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed shows you the feeding and nutrition secrets that will get your birds flying at warp speed. It also shows you how powerful proper feeding and nutrition is to your racing pigeons and the nutritional secrets that will have them flying at lightning speed.

Consider this your secret weapon because you will learn the secrets of feeding and nutrition that will have your birds flying at warp speed.

Normal Selling Price: $37

Winning Training and Racing Systems

This Comprehensive Guide Uncovers All the Techniques Behind the Most Successful Pigeon Training and Racing Systems”

Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems Revealed explains all the major racing systems. like Widowhood, Double Widowhood, Natural System, Jealousy and Darkening and shows you weekly preparation activities and strategies. You will know exactly how to prepare and train your birds like the champions.

You will also learn young and old bird systems and teaches you proven motivation techniques and strategies to make your birds fly home faster.

Normal Selling Price: $47

Champion Pigeon Breeding Revealed

The only way to attain real longevity in the sport of pigeon racing is to breed your own champions.By mastering the practice of breeding, you’ll have the ability to control quality, quantity, and most importantly, performance. Whether you want to establish a solid reputation as a top breeder or you are looking to sell your pigeons and generate huge profits, you need to know all the facts.

Champion Pigeon Breeding Revealed takes you through a straightforward, outlined explanation of everything you need to launch your winning team. No more guessing or trial and error. Just powerful methods that are designed to unleash the champions in your lines and set them on a course to non-stop success!

Normal Selling Price: $37

Cracking The Race Sheets - Interviews with the Champions

Cracking the Race Sheets shows you the insider secret’s that the champion’s use time and time again to consistently dominate the race sheets. Cracking the Race Sheet’s is an in-depth question and answer session with 9 of the most decorated and winning champion fanciers of our time. We put them under the microscope and persuaded them to reveal to you their own pigeon racing formulas on how they became so successful in this sport.

All together these champion racers have won nearly every single major pigeon race and event in existence and have bred some of the most sought after bird’s on the planet and Carcking the Race Sheet’s gives you an over-the-shoulder look at how they do it.

They actually give us the blueprint to their success and reveal their winning strategies. Cracking the Race Sheets is a must for any serious fancier and is truly one of the most powerful resources a fancier can arm themselves with.

Normal Selling Price: $37

Winning Health Blueprint

Health is the MOST important thing that any serious fancier needs to know and understand in order to be competitive. Without good health even the most expensive and winning birds WON’T win races. So health should be the main priority and focus of any fancier no matter if their brand new to the sport or a seasoned vet. Just having proven winning pigeons DOESN’T guarantee your success because even the fastest most awarded champion pigeon will not win races when in poor health.

If you would like to learn the EXACT health program that one champion fancier Uses every season to get his birds in top racing condition before every race then The Winning Health Blueprint is EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Normal Selling Price: $47

Record Keeping Templates

What is the ONE thing that ALL champion fanciers have in common?... They All Keep Good Records! Record keeping allows you to consistently better your birds and race teams performance.

With proper record keeping it allows a fancier the ability to look back at all of your bird’s past training, racing and breeding performances and see which bird’s performed the best and which didn’t.

Here you will receive 8 Proven Record keeping templates that are essential for any fancier and easy to use and are the same exact record keeping templates the champions use to document their bird’s performance. This is everything you need to keep world class records of all your bird’s!

Normal Selling Price: $37

Pigeon Disease, Symptom and Treatment Database

If you want to race pigeons successfully and be a winning pigeon racing coach than you absolutely need to know about diseases, symptoms and treatments.

We put together an entire database filled with 28 diseases and multiple treatments for each as well as 11 parasites and over 91 symptoms. But the best part is we put them all together with a super easy to use "Table of contents" so you can simply find the symptom your bird is showing and it will take you directly to the diseases or parasites that may be causing it and the treatments to help make them better.

This is a resource that you will be using for the rest of your pigeon career and will make keeping your loft and race team healthy an absolute breeze.

Normal Selling Price: $37

Full Step-By-Step Loft Plans and Blueprints Including Material Checklist

we are giving you the full step-by-step blueprints including materials checklist to the most versatile, space saving and inexpensive lofts ever designed.

It's literally the ONLY loft design you will ever need because it can be used for any application whether you are looking to build a small loft to fit in an urban environment or you are looking to build a massive loft for a one loft race and anything in-between.

Whatever you can imagine this loft design can be easily adapted to create.

Normal Selling Price: $37

Year in the Loft Calendar Set

We are giving you three different "Year in the Loft" calendars which you can use to help guide you through the year.

The first calendar is based on youngbirds which will guide you throughout the year on what you should be doing and when with your team. This calendar includes the lifecycle of your youngbirds, when to wean them, when to start training them, feeding schedules and more.

The second and third calendars cover Old birds, one calendar for the Natural system and the other focused on Widowhood. These calendars will guide you through the year using the respective racing systems and show you when you should begin doing certain things throughout the year.

Normal Selling Price: $37

Pigeon Racing Master's Program

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is our winning pigeon racing program that is designed around our 6 Pillar pigeon racing system which will allow you to go from “newbie”, “mediocre” or “struggling” fancier to Champion Winning Fancier in the least amount of time possible.

You can consider it like your college degree in Pigeon Racing because you are going to learn every proven and winning pigeon racing technique and strategy that will allow you to compete and be respected at every level of this sport!

The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is designed around the same system that has been used to transform countless fanciers results in just one short season. The same system that has been used to build world-class racing lofts and top level sought after racing pigeons.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the sport or an experienced veteran, The Pigeon Racing Master’s Program is designed to better anyone’s results no matter their experience level. The Pigeon Racing Master's Program is our top level training program which sells for $97 and is included in this special offer.

Normal Selling Price: $97

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