Armando the $1.4 million dollar racing pigeon

Armando, The $1.4 Million Dollar Racing Pigeon

Did you know that last week the highest ever price for a racing pigeon at an online auction was reached?

His name is Armando and is 5 years old and he is said to be the best long distance racing pigeon of ALL TIME!

He has won multiple races and broken records.

Armando was bought by a chinese fancier after a bidding war on PIPA for an astounding $1.4 Million, smashing the previous $426,960 record for a racing pigeon by roughly a million bucks!

The auction started on Monday 4th of March, and Armando’s sale price was already at $339,000 after just a few minutes. It marked the start of an exciting two-week bidding race that involved many international names, from the USA, South Africa, Belgium, China and The Netherlands.

Armando was raised in Belgium by Joel Verschoot a 63 year old pigeon fancier who says he knows the names of all 500 of his birds.

Now that’s a real deal pigeon fancier right there!

In addition to Armando, seven of his youngsters were put up for auction as well. These seven youngsters were sold for an impressive $170,000, or roughly $24,000 per youngster.

The best part about this story is that it hit the mainstream media bringing the sport of pigeon racing into the headlines for all to see.

Of course, no one could believe that a simple “pigeon” could go for that much money but all of us on the inside know what these “simple pigeons” are capable of and the value they have in a breeding loft.

Here is a list of the most expensive pigeons ever sold in an online auction…

  1. Armando $1,400,000 (Joël Verschoot)
  2. New Bliksem $425,000 (Gaby Vandenabeele)
  3. Golden Prince $407,500 (Gino Clicque)
  4. Bolt $351,000 (Leo Heremans)
  5. Safier Kweekkoppel $305,000 (Leo Heremans)
  6. Lloyd $287,000 (Team De Jaeger)
  7. Dolce Vita $283,000 (Pieter Veenstra)
  8. Nikolaas $276,000 (Casaert-Sénéchal)
  9. Nieuwe Olympiade $237,000 (Leo Heremans)
  10. Contador $226,000 (Joël Verschoot)
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