20 Tips to Winning in Pigeon Racing

20 Tips to Winning in Pigeon Racing

It is often said, “A fancier that flies well is envied.” When a fancier flies especially well, it means that he has secrets or special tricks. I believe there is no truth to the so called “SECRETS” of our sport.

To become a champion and remain one, the true fancier does not trouble himself with color, body, eyes, wings, etc. He breeds birds that will successfully compete in the tough competition, and he lets the races and the “Basket” be the true tests.

Spend quality time with your birds, and you will improve your record. Give the birds kind, gentle and regular attention so they will trust you. This should make them contented and unafraid. This loving care they receive will encourage their instinctive love of home, and it will speed them up or motivate them to their best performances on race day.

There is no one perfect way of doing things in this sport. However, there are certain things which everyone must do to succeed.

20 things to remember to becoming a champion fancier,

1. Good health is 75% of the secret to successful pigeon racing.

2. Sending pigeons to training tosses will not cause them to be in good health.

3. There is no substitute for the basket test. It never shows favorites.

4. A few good pigeons are better than a large number of inferior ones.

5. Give your youngsters a chance to mature. Do not overwork and burn them out with long, hard training flights.

6. A large flying team is never necessary to win or compete successfully.

7. A loft stands or falls according to the value of its HENS!

8. Most of the sickness which plagues fanciers starts from overcrowded conditions in the loft or the club’s race

9. Go slow and be patient. Start with 3 to 5 pairs of breeders and build a nucleus from them.

10. Train consistently and have an effective trapping system with plenty of short tosses (10-20 miles).

11. Breed performance birds to performance birds or performance bloodlines to performance bloodlines.

12. Avoid birds that have been breed year after year for pedigree lines: The cost is HIGH and the results are POOR!

13. The downfall of many successful lofts has been their attempts to make changes by trying to seek new blood and not

14. Keep only a few pigeons, but keep the best you can get.

15. Intelligent pigeons have no trouble finding home and are able to adjust to different types of conditions.

16. Frequently top lofts use a select bird from the other champion lofts around the country as a performance cross.

17. Successful flying requires a 365 day per year commitment.

18. If you count on chance or luck to win races, you will have a better chance if you purchase a lottery ticket.

19. Spend quality time with your birds, and you will improve your record.

20. Breed birds that will successfully compete in the tough competition based on results not, color, body, eyes, wings, etc

20 Tips to Becoming a Champion Fancier By Bob Prisco

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Richard Mack
Richard Mack
1 year ago

It’s the way of the world. Wealthy people always have better things. Its a big club,and you ain’t in it.

patrick maccone
1 year ago

I am new at this but I always had pigeons as a kid you know flights,tiplets.
About a year ago I got interested in white homers I’ve never tested them but I will soon.
What I can’t understand is why after they had their eggs and hatched them they never left my loft.
Can it be they are not really really homers?
Thank you

Geary Shaw
Geary Shaw
1 year ago

20 very good ideas to win races.75% is health without medication if possible.Good infomation