Trapping Racing Pigeons Correctly

Trapping on Race Day – Could be The Difference Between Winning and Loosing.

Trapping is a big part of the race. If the bird comes home, but does not go in, the race is not over. To win races you have to have birds that will trap on command. This takes conditioning. You have to train over and over when the birds are young, so that it becomes…

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Racing Pigeon Loft Part 2

The Racing Pigeon Loft (Part 2)

VentilationWhen the air inside the loft is not as fresh as the outside air, then there is a ventilation problem. The traditional Australian loft is open at the front and gets good race results in areas with low humidity (non-coastal and inland regions, South Australia etc.). Such a loft requires little other ventilation other than…

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The Racing Pigeon Loft Part 1

The Racing Pigeon Loft (Part 1)

Irrespective of its geography, shape, size or structure, the loft must provide the pigeons with: Sunlight during the day. A secure place to rest at night. Sunlight and the elevated flight Sunlight is a basic requirement for all birds and it is easy to see the positive effect that the sun has on the health…

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Stop Attacks on racing pigeons

How to Stop Predator Bird Attacks on Your Racing Pigeons

As you may have experienced yourself (hopefully not), the numbers of predator bird attacks on pigeons are on the rise. And because of that fanciers are constantly trying to find ways to keep their birds safe from attack. Well today I want to share with you a method developed by Italian fancier and Veterinarian Adriano…

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The Death of Pigeon Racing 5

The DEATH of Pigeon Racing!

Did you know that there is a scary statistic in the sport of pigeon racing that says that over 95% of the fanciers who enter the sport will quit within their first two years? So that means the sport is retaining roughly only 5% and under of the fanciers who give it a go. But…

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What 3 things are the MOST important when racing pigeons?

Today I have a really great “discussion” that I would like to open up for everyone. This is a discussion that I feel will help both new and veteran fanciers alike. The question I have for you today is… Pretend you were mentoring a brand-new fancier in the sport, what would be the first 3…

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Are the good old days of pigeon racing gone

Discussion… Are the Good Ol’ Days of Pigeon Racing Gone?

Well it’s been over a week since the record breaking pigeon auction has ended where a long distance racer named Armando sold for almost three times the amount of the previous record, and this story is still making news in mainstream media. Armando sold for over $1,400,000! after a bidding war on PIPA’s pigeon racing…

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Armando the $1.4 million dollar racing pigeon

Armando, The $1.4 Million Dollar Racing Pigeon

Did you know that last week the highest ever price for a racing pigeon at an online auction was reached? His name is Armando and is 5 years old and he is said to be the best long distance racing pigeon of ALL TIME! He has won multiple races and broken records. Armando was bought…

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Weaning Young Racing Pigeons

Weaning Young Racing Pigeons

Just like humans there comes a time in a young racing pigeons life when they need to learn how to fend for themselves. In the racing pigeon world, this is called weaning. Weaning a young racing pigeon is a very important time in their life to transition into their new loft away from their parents…

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Whats Your Training System

Pigeon Racing Discussion – What’s Your Training Regimen?

In today’s Pigeon Racing Discussion we would like to know… What is your training regimen?  Please include in your comment where you fly, what type of racing you do and give a brief but detailed overview of your training process. Post your comments in the comments section below now and remember, everyone who participates will…

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